The Dyoid are a sadistic race of strange ethereal beings that haunt the darkest corners of space. Not much is known of their physical makeup, as they are impossible to study. They can phase through solid walls and are immune to conventional weapons fire. It is theorized that they were created after the Great Wayoidan War when the Wayoidan Empire fought the Grolekan Remnant Army. The final siege of the Wayoidan homeworld led to the eventual use of the Grolekan core laser, which destroyed the planet by heating the core. The result was an unforeseen chemical reaction between the Grolekan plasma compound and the Yadomite metal, a metal exclusive to Wayoida. The reaction created a rift in the core, and dark matter flowed from the wormhole. The dark matter seeped onto the surface of the planet, infecting innocent Wayoidans. The dark matter slowly burned away the bodies of its victims, eventually disintegrating them. Death by dark matter refused to kill its victims, as it did not kill in a conventional sense, but rather separated the physical body from the ethereal spirit. This torturous demise caused those killed on Wayoida to live in eternal pain.

After the planet was shattered completely, the vile remnants of Wayoida, calling themselves the Dyoid, spread throughout the galaxy. Although most of them stayed in the Talania system.

The Dyoid have continuously haunted the existence of deep space travelers and explorers. Rift lane blazers have constantly had to deal with the psychological impact of a sentient being trying to take over their thoughts and manipulating them into harming other people.